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  • 'The Victorian in Relation to the Contemporary: Decadent Divorce versus Digital Divorce', BAVS conference, Cardiff University, 10-11 Sep 2024.

  • 'Wells and Russell In Love: An Examination of the Connections between H. G. Wells, Frank Russell and Elizabeth von Arnim'H.G. Wells Society Conference: Experiments in Autobiography, 15 Oct 2022, online.

  • Virtual Book Launch: 'To Be Frank: The Politics and Polemics of a Radical Russell'Sponsored by the Bertrand Russell Society and the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, 22 Oct 2022, online.

  • 'Tea and Cake with H. G. Wells and the Russell Brothers: At the Club', Joint meeting of the Bertrand Russell and H. G. Wells Societies, 21 May 2022, online.

  • 'An Idle and Most False Imposition: A Discussion Around Frank Russell's Reputation', Joint meeting of the Bertrand Russell and George Santayana Societies, 9 Oct 2021, online.

  • 'To Be Frank: The Personal Philosophy of Bertrand Russell's Brother', Conference paper delivered to the Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting 2021.


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